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03: Learning Tools & Teaching Strategies
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Developing incremental, intentional instruction strategies that are aligned with the goals to scaffold and support student learning improves student achievement.

Section Overview

A learning tool is something a student does or uses in the process of learning; a teaching strategy is something a teacher does or uses in the process of teaching. It is that simple. We're just not used to pulling them apart. Some traditional examples of teaching strategies and learning tools include:

One way to think about learning tools and teaching strategies is in the construction of a brick wall. The learning tools are the bricks (the real and tangible work the students do in the classroom) and the teaching strategies (the support or instruction the teacher offers so students can use the learning tools appropriately) are the mortar. That mortar holds the bricks securely in place and allows for the wall of learning to grow higher and higher.

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Section Resources

Tools & Processes

Learning Tool Definition and Checklist pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Visual of Large Learning Goal and Learning Tools pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Learning Tool and Teaching Strategy Conversation Sheet pdf_iconprint2flash_icon

Articles & Essays

Background and Rationale pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Learning Tools and Teaching Strategies (Jeff Pridie article from Research Brief) pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Learning Tools Improve Student Achievement (Jana Larson article) pdf_iconprint2flash_icon