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04: Classroom Assessment & Evaluation
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Establishing clear criteria for evaluation that are aligned with the learning goals and describe, for the student, what quality learning looks, sounds or acts like improves student achievement.

Section Overview

Assessments are activities students complete to demonstrate their learning. Rick Stiggins and his associates at the Assessment Training Institute have recently identified four specific types of learning—knowledge, reasoning, skill and performance/product—often required in state and national standards.

Evaluation is the teacher judgment about the level of achievement in the demonstration of student learning. Once the teachers have information from the assessment activities, they are able to evaluate the quality of the learning. The most important point for both assessment activities and evaluation criteria are that they are closely aligned with the learning goals and, therefore, the standards on which the learning goals are based.

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Section Resources

Tools & Processes

Stiggins Alignment Chart (Repeat from Section 01) pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Stiggins Definitions of Types of Assessment (Repeat from Section 01) pdf_iconprint2flash_icon


Minnesota K-12 Guideline Rubrics for all arts areas aligned to Stiggins types of learning pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Model of classroom level rubrics developed from guideline rubrics (Middle School Reader's Theater) pdf_iconprint2flash_icon

Articles & Essays

Background and Rationale pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Defining Quality in Student Achievement: The Role of Rubrics pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Meet or Exceed Standards (Repeat from Section 01) pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Formative and Summative Assessment pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Aligning State Standards and Classroom Level Learning Goals (Repeat from Section 01) pdf_iconprint2flash_icon