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05: Grading & Reporting
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Clearly understanding what students need to learn and how they will show they have learned it will help arts educators make good decisions about what to report about student learning in and through the arts.

Section Overview

For a consideration of the issues of grading and reporting, see the essay, Evaluation & Grading: The final consideration for implementing the Minnesota K–12 art standards, in Articles & Essays for this section. Minnesota arts teachers in the Regional Arts Quality Teaching Networks are working on issues of grading and reporting using the K-12 Minnesota Academic Standards in the Arts during the school year 2007–2008. Results of their studies will be available in the 2008–2009 school year.

Note: For professional development training to use these materials contact The Perpich Center for Arts Education

Section Resources

Tools & Processes

Stiggins Alignment Chart (Repeat from Section 01) pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Checklist for classroom learning goals (Repeat from Section 01) pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Stiggins Definitions of Types of Assessment (Repeat from Section 01) pdf_iconprint2flash_icon


Goal and Work Choices for 2007–2008 School Year icon_pdfprint2flash_icon

Articles & Essays

Evaluation & Grading: The final consideration for implementing the Minnesota K–12 art standards icon_pdfprint2flash_icon
Formative and Summative Assessment (Repeat from Section 04) pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Teaching & Learning Intentions: Lesson or Unit Design (Repeat from Section 02) pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Defining Quality in Student Achievement: The Role of Rubrics (Repeat from Section 04) pdf_iconprint2flash_icon