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06: School or District Level Assessment & Evaluation
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Collaborative processes for checking the alignment and accuracy of classroom assessments can help teachers and district leadership to simultaneously accomplish effective staff development  and public accountability for student learning in and through the arts.

Section Overview

The commitment to performance assessment has not waivered since the first group of arts educators from across the state gathered to write the first set of Minnesota K–12 arts standards in 1993. That first group of standards writers rejected a statewide paper and pencil test and requested time and money to implement a system of classroom–level performance assessment.

The Perpich Center has developed—with the help of Minnesota arts educators in the Quality Teaching Networks, the arts area working groups, and the district evaluation panels—the tools and processes to do this work and support district, regional and state level meetings to begin a statewide moderation and calibration process.

Note: For professional development training to use these materials contact The Perpich Center for Arts Education

Section Resources

Tools & Processes

Standards Audit Protocol pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Evaluation Panel Protocol pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Collection of Student Work Guide pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Student Achievement Panel Tools Compilation pdf_iconprint2flash_icon


Minnesota K-12 Guideline Rubrics for all arts areas aligned to Stiggins types of learning (Repeat from Section 04) pdf_iconprint2flash_icon

Articles & Essays

Background and Rationale pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Evaluation Panel & Standards Audit Protocols: Why we do them and how pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Three Laws article from Research Brief (Repeat from Section 01) pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Minnesota Department of Education Staff Development Survey Report 2008-2009 pdf_iconprint2flash_icon

Video & Technology

Visual Arts: Description 1yt_icon
Visual Arts: Standards 1yt_icon
Visual Arts: Benchmarks 1yt_icon
Visual Arts: Rubrics 1yt_icon
Visual Arts: Observer Report 1yt_icon
Visual Arts: Presenting Teacher 1yt_icon
Visual Arts: Benchmarks 2 yt_icon
Visual Arts: Tradeoffs 2 yt_icon
Visual Arts: Rubrics 2 yt_icon
Visual Arts: Presenting Teacher 2 yt_icon