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07: Sample Lessons & Adaptations
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These examples illustrate clearly aligned, standards-based instruction in the arts with formative assessments and clear evaluative criteria, key elements of engaging and motivating arts instruction.

Section Overview

In the school year 2006–2007 Minnesota arts teachers worked to adapt the learning goals, lesson design, learning tools and teaching strategies as well as the embedded assessments from four sample lessons—one each in creative writing, dance, music and visual arts—for use in their classrooms. The sample lessons were constructed by Perpich staff using the Stiggins Alignment process and the Learning Processes—create, perform and respond—as lesson design tools.

These lessons were offered only as samples or starting point for arts teachers to use to deepen their work and understanding of 1.) alignment of classroom level learning goals to standard benchmarks, 2.) use of a learning process scaffold student–centered learning and embedded performance assessment, and 3.) design of intentional, incremental learning tools and teaching strategies.

Note: For professional development training to use these materials contact The Perpich Center for Arts Education

Section Resources

Tools & Processes

Stiggins Alignment Chart (Repeat from Section 01) pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Checklist for classroom learning goals (Repeat from Section 01) pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Stiggins Definitions of Types of Assessment (Repeat from Section 01) pdf_iconprint2flash_icon


Sample Lessons (Repeat from Section 02)
Creative Writing pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Dance Lesson: Song of Myself by Walt Whitman (Middle School) pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Music Lesson: What, Why & How Come? (Middle School) pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Visual Arts Lesson: CSI—Considering Surrealism In art (Middle School) pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Chihuly Lessons (Repeat from Section 02)
Visual Arts Creation--Classroom Chihuly: Exploring Botanical Forms pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Visual Arts Criticism--Cinderella's Glass Slipper: Will It Fit? pdf_iconprint2flash_icon
Collaborative Visual Arts Creation--Chihuly Sculpture: What If Dale Did Golden Valley? pdf_iconprint2flash_icon

Video & Technology

Kathy Grundei's PowerPoint (Repeat from Section 01) powerpoint_icon