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10: Professional Development & The Perpich Center
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Minnesota Department of Education Staff Development Survey results show 60% of school districts want Perpich Center staff development assistance to accomplish: standards implementation, and design and review of arts curriculum and aligned assessments.

Section Overview

The Perpich Center for Arts Education is a Minnesota State Agency with statutory responsibilities to lead the development and improvement of arts education in Minnesota. The Perpich Center provides for its statutory responsibilities for statewide arts in five arts areas—dance, literary art, music, theater and visual art.

The Perpich Center regularly provides technical assistance for the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) in arts education. The Perpich Center has also collaborated with The Minnesota Board of Teaching, the Minnesota Association of Colleges for Teaching Education (MACTE) and the arts professional service organizations to revise licensure for teachers of music and visual arts, and to develop licensure for teachers of dance and theater. The Perpich Center is assisting in the development of certification for teachers in media arts.

Raising student achievement through the development of standards-based arts teaching and learning is the Perpich Center's primary goal.

Note: For professional development training to use these materials contact The Perpich Center for Arts Education

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